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The Municipality


It is a municipality of El Baix Penedès, which had been linked to the Tarragonès County for many years until recently. As its character and characteristics were similar to the characteristics of other villages of the Penedès, it was decided to include it in this county.

The municipality is situated in a small valley which is closed by the buttresses of the Quadrell Mountain Range. The township has an area of 24.86 Km². It is drained by the gullies of Hortal, Quitèria and Marcadé, from which they collect the rain water that descends from the nearest mountains. They also receive some water from the fountains that are under their way, and the natural fountains that are spread around the entire township.



The agriculture is the most important activity of the population. Half of the lands are not productive and are occupied by some thickets, and small sets of white pines. The cultivated lands and all unirrigated. The most important crop is the vineyard, specially in the varieties of "macabeo" and "parellada". Less important are the almond, olive, hazel, carob and fruit trees. One of the most abundant fruit trees is the peach tree. As a complement for the agriculture, there are a couple of herds of goats and some poultry farms and pigs.

The mines of iron, lead and the limestone and gypsum quarries were exploited until they started to be not profitable when the new technologies started to be applied.

The migration has been present since the beginning of this century. Nowadays, the arrival of some families from Barcelona during the weekends and holidays has stimulated the life and development of the village.

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