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Santa Magdalena's

The parish church of Santa Magdalena's style is renaissance. It was started to be built in 1833, over an ancient chapel which is still within the church, although it was demolished in 1849 when the new one's construction finished. Inside the church, there are some graphic sculpts that date from 1899. It was restored by the architect J.M.Jujol between 1941-1944.

The Casa Fontanilles

The Casa Fontanilles was built in 1853, and has some graphic sculpts in the facade.
The Casa del Delme, where the tithes of the Monastery of Sant Cugat and the first fruits for the Church used to be collected, is the oldest house in the village. Nowadays it belongs to a private owner, and it was restored although it conserves its ancient architectonic characteristics.

Mines of iron and silver

It is important to mention the existence of some mines of iron and silver within the township. It is also necessary to refer to the roman sites (one necropolis and one roman village), that seem that were placed on an old Iberian site, from which there have been found some ruins.

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